Managed hosting

Our hosting offer is addressed at individuals and companies that expect comperensive service related to their internet presense. We do not sell self-managed hosting packages. Instead we can help you to prepare, to implement and to maintain your website.


Domain is your address in the Internet world

Each domain comes with an administrative panel which allows you to configure proper behaviour of your website and email services.

We can help you in registration and technical management of your domain.


Application is the content of your website

It can be a simple internet business card or an advanced service such as an internet shop with database, user accounts, etc.


Server is the computer that runs your website

Depending on the type of your website and the expected number of visitors we will tune the capacity of the server so that your website runs uninterrupted. If database support is required we will also configure the database for you.

We backup all data regularly so that we can restore your environment in case of a server failure.


Monitoring is a service that controls how your website works

We employ third-party services to monitor availability of our own website and those of our customers.

When an alert is raised we can immediately start to diagnose the cause of the issue and then to fix it up.


from 300,00
  • single informational page
  • no logotype included
  • no user interaction
from 600,00
  • up to 5 informational pages
  • logotype design incuded
  • no user interaction
from 1500,00
  • complex web applications with database support and user interaction
  * prices include VAT
** prices include first year of hosting

The price for web hosting on our servers is calculated based on the following factors:

  • server load - results mainly from the average number of visitors,
  • data transfer - especially if the website offers pricelists, folders or software to download,
  • database size - if required by the website.

For example:
yearly price for hosting a single informational webpage is about 35 €.